Free web hosting with no ads at all

free hosting no ads

Looking for free web hosting with no ads?  Gives you free hosting without  annoying pop-ups. No annoying banners. No mandated forum posting. Your web site will be 100 percent ad FREE forever! 


  • Free web hosting
  • PHP 5
  • MySQL
  • FTP
  • File Manager
  • POP E-Mail
  • Hotlink Protection
  • Free sub-domains
  • Free domain hosting
  • Cron Jobs
  • SSH Console
  • DNS Zone Editor
  • Custom Error Pages
  • Password Protected Directories/Folders
  • Web Site Statistics
  • FREE Online Support and many more features not offered by other free hosts.
  • Supported PHP versions: (5.2 – 5.3 – 5.4).
  • Free tools : Script Installer (phpBB, WordPress and Joomla)
  • Free website builder with plenty of templates

Free Hosting

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SEOPressor V5 plugin for WordPress SEO optimization

SEOPressor V5

SEOPressor V5 WordPress SEO Plugin

Why you should have SEOPressor V5  for optimising your WordPress website?

First of all ,we all know that WordPress is not  beautifully set up for Search Engine Optimization. This means if you want to do it manually,it will take a long time doing on-page  and off-page SEO optimization.

How can SEOPressor help you optimizing your website to get SEO targeted content?

Analyzing multiple keyword  and LSI Suggestions

SEOPressor calculates keyword density,formats keywords for search engine optimization,and calculates the SEO score of a WordPress Page in order to determine how it will be ranked on search engines.

 LSI keywords ( Latent Semantic indexing)  is an alternative name given to synonyms and similar words by Google and search engine experts. The synonymous keywords make your blog post sound more natural and that is the thing that Google likes. This plugin has LSI keyword suggestion tool. You can add up to 3  keywords .Google has confirmed that  using more relevant, related keywords helps in ranking your page better and faster.

Checking tags and making suggestions

The plugin additionally looks at the tags you have got used and makes suggestions on the way to improve prospects. It makes suggestions on that tagging formats ought to be used—H1, H2 or H3—and makes it  by itself.

 Over optimization check

One of the bad practices in SEO optimization is making your content over optimized. This may lead to get penalized by search engines. SEOPressor alerts you whenever you are over optimized,so you can remove some keywords, or remove some font decorations to get back to normal  SEO score

Smart and Automatic Linking

It’s always essential for on-page SEO  to have internal and external linking done properly. SEOPressor does it for you automatically. So you have to type and save your typical keyword links then next time when you use the same keyword,they would automatically be hyperlinked to your saved URL when drafting out newer articles

OG Tags and Twitter Card Integration

We know these days how important is the social media. The plugin comes with Facebook Open Graph tags and Twitter card integration,which helps in social SEO. As mentioned by google,and many SEO experts, this will play an important role in the future of google searches. For that reason we should put  in these tags and twitter microdata into our source codes. Well not all of us are experts in coding!  SEOPressor V5  integrates these codes for us simply and automatically.

Rich Structured Data Support

Have you ever wondered when you searcheded for services or products,how those rich snippet stars and ratings appear on search result pages? This what is called rich structured data. Google takes in account visitor behaviour when it comes to providing users the best search experience. 

SEOPressor  is a great WordPress SEO plugin,has been designed and developed by Daniel Tan, who is one of the greatest search engine optimization gurus in the world today.

The simplicity in using this WordPress SEO plugin,and the great tools it has makes it a perfect choice when you compare it with other SEO plugins.

For more information about this great plugin Click Here!

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How to choose your web hosting provider?

The web  hosting is renting a space on a server.So how does it wrok?

First of all lets talk about how it works.Imagine how your files and documents are stored on your desktop computer,so in any time you can access them.

The web page is similar to those files but since many users trying to access that web page

it needs to be stored  on much higher specification computer with a connection to internet through

powerful link.A computer on which web pages are stored we call it a web server.

The online market is full with many kinds of web hosting offers and deals.Starting with small web hosting plans and packages to the dedicated servers.

Many people search for free or cheap hosting providers without thinking of what kind of services they will get.The cheap cost of hosting a web site should’t be the most important reason to choose !

The choice of free web hosting is not bad for those who are new to internet and plan to get familiar with web site creation and functionality of web servers.

The disadvantage of  the free one:

-No backups.

-Weak support.


-Forced ads.

-Limited web space and bandwidth.

-they come and go.

-Can be restricted to only certain rules.

-Data loss.

- Can not host website with your own domain name.

So if you plan to build a good website,you need a paid service with upgradeable options.In this case you don’t need to transfer your website when you need a higher level web hosting solutions like VPS (virtual dedicated server),dedicated servers…etc.

Here are most important things to check before buying any hosting service:

1. Maximum Uptime Guarantee
2. Moneyback guarantee (up to 1 month)
3. (24 x 7 x 365) Support quality and response time.
4. Hardware specifications
5. Free Migration and Free server set up.
6. Owing their own data center.
7. Free resources like, sub-domains, email accounts, IPs etc…
8. Should have spent minimum 5 years in the Hosting Business.
9. I personally think that choosing a web host nearest to your Geographical location is always good.
10. Reputation and Reviews over Internet.

In my opinion after reading reviews about web hosting company it is important to contact their customer support and  see if they offer good customer support or not.If you will have a problem with your site,you don’t want to stay waiting for days till they solve your issue!

The other thing is the money back guarantee! As written above it should be more than 1 month,so if you experience some problem with the way they host your website you can ask for your money back!

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How to fix your wordpress website loading speed

It is well-known as google announced that page loading speed is a ranking factor. Websites with a fast loading speed will be higher ranked, also add to that the good experience of your visitors. Some experts say that page loading speed will affect only queries where other ranking signals are very close or when the load time is exceptionally poor.

What shall you do if your wordpress loading speed is slow?

Minimize HTTP Requests: Try to reduce the number of items needed to be loaded (scripts, style sheets, images).

Use CSS sprites:  Try to use it whenever it is possible! This can combine background images and lower the HTTP requests.

Optimize your images: Optimizing your images for the web makes your image’s size less.

Reduce 301 Redirects: Try to avoid using 301 redirects since this kind of redirect will force browser to new URL so you have to wait again for HTTP request to come!!

Using the server-side cache.

Using Gzip: The page size which is sent to browser will be extremely compressed.

CDN: Use content Delivery Network like Amazon CDN!

WordPress loading speed can be slow especially if you use shared hosting service (the cheap one),or cloud service,also if you have too many plugins and themes it will be worst!

For  those who are looking for good solution to make their websites much faster WP Engine is the best solution!

  • Using only top-of-the line dedicated hardware
  • Spreading your web requests and database queries across multiple boxes
  • Hand-built a WordPress-specific EverCache system that delivers pages in 15 milliseconds.  The EverCache technology combines proxy servers, database, disk caching, and content delivery networks to serve your media incredibly quickly.
  • The only WordPress hosting company who includes a fully managed CDN service
  •  Inside WordPress: crunching bytes out of your images, and rewrite the WordPress HTML output to take advantage of more optimizations.

Optimized your page load times, reliability and security. Fast, Secure and Scalable.

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